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What we offer

A clear view of the Asian trading market

Is the Asian market too confusing or complicated for you?

You want to take the first steps in the Chinese market with an expert on your side? We show you how it works, because complexity needs clarity.

More than an off-the-shelf importer & exporter

We are at your side as import strategists, company openers, patent applicants, guideposts in the Asian market, translators, material selection assistants, product designers & refiners, logistics experts & warehouse professionals, customs clearance agents & product procurers in Germany and Asia. We are your right hand when it comes to trading. We are your direct manufacture seller!

Our services

  • Your right hand and direct trader in the Chinese market
  • Production sourcing from the right supplier at fair prices
  • Agent and manager for the smooth running of your order process
  • Guarantee for efficient delivery times
  • International communication and logistics coordination
  • Door opener to the international market
  • Reliable and fast delivery service

Your advantages

  • 360 degree import & export service across time zones
  • Cost saving due to direct import from Asia and Europe without middlemen
  • German-speaking & multilingual contact persons (EN, IT, ES, IL, CN) at our sites in Baden-Baden and Yiwu with our own trained employees
  • Fast and efficient order processing thanks to short routes to the trading markets in accordance with German and European quality standards
  • Reliable partner network in Germany and Asia
  • Inspections and quality controls in the markets as well as in the production process

Complexity needs clarity

You know the direction – We know the way that suits you!

Is the Asian market too confusing or too complicated for you? We lead you and show you how it works. Our experience in the market opens up versatile possibilities in the procurement process of standardized and individual products. We guarantee you flexible, efficient procurement at fair prices.


Product Divisions

We work independently of the industry and procure the appropriate consumer goods for you from our theme worlds

Car & Transport


Electronic Devices

Gifts, sporting goods & toys

Health, Medical & Beauty

Household, lighting & building materials

Garden, household & restaurant furniture

Clothing, textiles & accessories

Jewelry, bags & shoes

Machinery, hardware & tools

Packaging, promotional & office supplies

Hygiene articles, COVID products

Industries we work with

Markets as far as the eye can see

Industry barriers? – We do not know them!
As a direct manufacture seller, we work directly in China’s largest trading and distribution center. We will find you the product of your imagination and meet your demand.

Wholesalers & retailers

Online retailers

Industrial companies

Construction companies

Comunication & advertising agencies

Hotels & Restaurants

Hygiene trade

Medical & Pharmaceutical Companies

Sports companies

Companies for Occupational Safety

Portfolio & Services

Certificates & Standards

The customer at the center of the quality culture

Customers need good, reliable products. Set a clear mark and inspire you with quality and safety. With the corresponding certificates and test marks, you fulfill national/international legal regulations and standards to ensure the requirements of your customers.

Inspect – Test and Certify! In short: In cooperation with our competence and auditing companies, we handle the quality audits and rely exclusively on the German and European quality standard.

The quality management and testing personnel optimize your products according to guidelines with the appropriate certificate and test mark and enable you to gain a competitive advantage in the market. With the mandatory and voluntary product tests, you distinguish yourself from the competition and differentiate yourself through conscious product positioning.

Overcoming hurdles together

What regulations must your product meet?

The variety of legal regulations, frequently changing guidelines and the complex interrelationships of regulations make it difficult to maintain an overview. Hurdles must be overcome for your products to successfully reach the market.


You can avoid start-up difficulties; we rely on our credo: Complexity needs clarity. We know the requirements your products have to meet, which certificates and standards have to be observed in order to minimize your risks on the market. In order for you to be able to plan ahead, we estimate the effort for tests and certificates directly, so that you have a reference point for your further procedure.


All test reports are provided to you bundled as a digital document package so that you can present them directly during tests. When reordering, we check whether your certificates are up-to-date and renew them by re-testing if necessary.

Run-of-the-mill was yesterday

Define your own standard

Show who you are and what you stand for. Your individually defined standards set you apart from your competitors. In this way, you make your self-expectation for your company and your products clear apart from legal standards and the market standard.

The different areas of application vary depending on the industry and product. These standards are diverse and can be combined. The statutory tests can be supplemented with your individual test points and accepted together.

Whether safety standard, technical – or material-related product testing, manufacturing standards or CSR guidelines, we help you optimize your products with the appropriate certification.

Standardized test procedures at a glance:

TÜV Certification

SGS Certification

FDA Certification

ROHS Certification

CE Certification

DIN Certification

ISO Certification

CEN Certification

Portfolio & Services

Sourcing & Supplier Locator

When briefings become products

Only those who act, change!

Many of our customers and partners fail on their own because of the language barriers or the intercultural intercommunication in the Chinese market. Too complicated – too confusing – too much, but just not for us! Complexity needs clarity.

We have the insight and lend you our helping hand.

Through our own headquarters in Yiwu, we work with German quality standards in Asia as well as in Europe simultaneously on site. Time zones are for us only an interplay of time, but no reason not to act.

Our know-how and expertise enable us to keep track of the huge Chinese markets.

We know the cultural differences and live them in respectful interaction with each other. We live two different work cultures and unite them. We call this 360-degree lived interculturality.

A briefing without communication losses is like a dream come true. We make this dream come true for you. You brief us, we advise you and with this result we realize your product ideas.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the production process, we already check your goods during this time and keep you informed with updates about your product.

We insist on on-site inspections and quality controls according to German quality standards and carry these out with our own trained personnel. Here we rely only on our own employees and not on other service providers.

The right supplier and manufacturer

Reasonable production lead times, smoothly functioning supply processes, and supplier stability and reliability are the nuts and bolts of selecting the right product manufacturer and supplier for you. We avoid redundant processes to make your supply chain effective and lean.

Product ideas under highest discretion

With us it’s caution instead of indulgence. Idea theft – no thanks! Thanks to non-disclosure agreements, your ideas are safe with us. We negotiate with the productions ourselves, offer you implementation options and treat your information as strictly confidential.

Startup or Local Hero?

You have an interesting product idea and want to have it produced in Asia? You have difficulties to get your foot in the door on the Asian market? We can develop your ideas with you, make them big and achievable. Scaling and getting the best out of your product is no problem for us.

Know your product!

We have questions – you have the answers

Background is business: Tell us your product framework conditions, your technical details, special product characteristics, your required quantities and your price idea. Our German-Chinese team will provide you with your customized sourcing package within 24 hours. Your sourcing package includes a selection of ideal manufacturers and production partners as well as backup suppliers.

These ensure flawless product quality, satisfactory MOQs and the best possible price/performance range from our European and Asian supplier network. Once the supplier selection is made, we will send you your first product samples from the selected factory.

The first impression counts

Collect valuable feedback for your product and deal with it critically.

The change of perspective helps you to optimize or supplement your product in a targeted manner. Imagine you are your target group and ask yourself:

Once all the important product features have been checked, we discuss further joint action in the production process with you.

Portfolio & Services

Order Management & Customer Service

We ensure a smooth process

When you place your order, your customer journey with IMEX UNITED begins.

From this point on, we accompany you through the production, quality and delivery process of your products and manage your order. Our multilingual team takes control of all relevant processes as well as the entire communication process from order acceptance, contract negotiation to invoicing. We take our time and listen to you carefully so that you can benefit optimally from our experience.

We work across channels and countries to keep our communication transparent for you and to coordinate fast communication between suppliers, carriers and distributors. Foreign processes are often complex and need to be understood from different perspectives. To avoid delays in customs clearance, tax duties or HS codes, we take over your process handling holistically.

Through clear specifications and structures in our order management, we accompany you through your project steps so that on-time delivery can be ensured. Our contact persons are available to you with the best empathy for all order queries that may arise.

We act on your behalf so that you maintain an overview of everything. Our company registration in both countries gives us legal advantages. Even when working with multiple suppliers, we take care of your payments and deposits to manufacturers and provide you with a single final invoice.

Portfolio & Services

Production & Quality Control

At the heart of quality culture

Your delivery process must fit from the first step to the last. After successful sample testing, your selected manufacturer produces and stores your products.

We assure your product quality directly in our warehouse. During our quality inspections and quality assurance on site, we check your products for all your requirements, so that they can be placed on the market by you as quickly as possible. Here we rely exclusively on the German and European quality standard to guarantee the safety and quality of your products.

We visit our factories during the production process and document the condition of your goods photographically. In case of production challenges or occurring defects, the manufacturer is responsible. Through constant monitoring, you will be informed immediately by us in the “can do” case to avoid unnecessary delays in delivery.

Be there live! Our Quality-Control Video Calls allow you to follow the quality controls in real time and get a direct picture of the production and quality process of your product. Alternatively, we accompany you to the factories on site.

Portfolio & Services

Logistics & Warehousing

We make logistics simple and plannable

From the classic logistics chain to the individual supply chain, we will find your suitable transport route. Which mode of transport is optimal depends on your product and delivery conditions. We ship your goods cost-efficiently and effectively and determine the type of cargo and the transport route with you.

 Your containers and goods will be transported by ship freight, air freight, express delivery, train freight or truck transport by international shipping to your desired destination port, intermediate or final storage by us.

With the cargo type LCL (Less than Container Load) you rely on container sharing and share your container with another customer. This is particularly useful if your delivery involves small quantities of goods, required replenishment of goods or goods stock needed for a short time. If you have limited storage space, at first glance partial delivery will increase your unit costs

Freedoms through FOB

The Incoterm FOB (Free on Board) bears the risk of non-transparent prices. However, your agreed price is fixed and thus promises you more planning security. FOB is complex; our know-how creates clarity and simplifies the process. Thanks to the room for maneuver granted, we can avoid unplanned costs on the way to the port of shipment. FOB includes all costs for the collection and return transport of your container by truck from the port, the loading as well as for the required documents (customs report, shipping documents, import permit, inspection) up to the shipping of your goods

On the road in a big way

If you decide against container sharing, you can choose between a 40′ or 20′ container. You can fill this container alone with your goods using the FCL (Full Container Load) cargo type and have it shipped sealed in its entirety. However, the container sizes hardly differ from each other in terms of costs, since the process effort of shipping is the same. However, shipping companies plan only a minimum of the smaller container variants for shipping.

The perfect warehouse for every product

Each product, whether normal goods, palletized goods or bulky goods, is stored differently due to its characteristics. We find the right place for your goods and store them in a modern, environmentally conscious and safe way. Our warehouses around China and in Europe allow us to be agile, flexible and space-saving with your goods. Over 10,000 pallet spaces and separate storage sections provide storage space for different storage methods for your products. When working with multiple suppliers, you can use our storage capacity for different goods to ship your supplies from one main warehouse.

Your stored goods are guarded by our security service around the clock. Our on-site technicians and warehouse staff can carry out any desired checks for you at any time and provide you with any required packaging material. Access to your storage areas and storage compartments is granted daily without restriction.

Portfolio & Services

Import & Delivery

Once at the port of arrival, we will secure your goods. Thanks to precise real-time data, the delivery process is transparent. You know exactly where your goods are at the moment and which process step we are handling for you. As soon as the container ship is in the port, the import fees are due.


To ensure that your goods arrive at your warehouse as quickly as possible, with a full-service booking we take care of the handling at the port and take care of taxes and port fees. One last time your goods will be checked by us for defects and will be loaded for transport to your destination warehouse. If you still need a test report from us, we will send it to you.


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