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Commitment to the youngest, to support the health maintenance of children and young people

Baden-Baden, March 2021. Setting an example and making a difference; that is the goal of IMEX UNITED.

With the “Meet who need” campaign series, Managing Director Marinella Fortino and Managing Director Tom Azran are committed to the good cause.

The first “Meet who need” donation of 20,000 surgical masks reached the Baden-Baden Children’s and Youth Home, which can put them to good use at the current time. “In the right place at the right time”: Andrea Hesch and Achim Meier, Managing Directors of the Youth Home’s von Stulz-Schriever Foundation, are pleased about IMEX UNITED’s helping hand.

“We can’t change the wind, but we can set our sails differently. Even after a year of the pandemic, it’s still important to hang on, to keep going and to stand up for those who need support,” emphasized Managing Director Marinella Fortino at the donation presentation.

Achim Maier, Marinella Fortino, Andrea Hesch and Tom Azran donating protective masks to the Baden-Baden home for children and young people (from left).

Children and young people are particularly close to Managing Director Fortino’s heart.
Already in the start-up phase of her business in Asia, the doer courageously stood up for the youngest and voluntarily supported severely handicapped children in coping with their everyday life.

After weeks of remote learning and with schools gradually opening up, the masks are needed all the more by children and young people on their way to school and in the classrooms. One thing is clear to Azran: “These children are our society of tomorrow and we have to pay attention to that.” Especially for the youngest, direct interaction with classmates and teachers is essential. That’s why it’s important to take action and help keep the children healthy by changing their masks regularly.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, IMEX UNITED has been supplying mouth masks to numerous clinics, pharmacies and businesses both nationally and internationally to reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19.

“Needing help can affect any of us. Many people around the world have parents, children, spouses, friends, trusted and loved ones who are fighting the virus or are part of the at-risk group. That’s why it’s important for us to contribute in the fight against the virus and its mutations,” explains Tom Azran.

As an importer and exporter on the international market, IMEX UNITED can help. Since the purchase of the masks still represents an additional financial burden for many social institutions, the company will continue to initiate and organize “Meet who Need” charity campaigns in the future. IMEX UNITED finances the donations itself, so that one hundred percent of them arrive where they are needed. The managing directors are already talking with other institutions that still need support.


IMEX UNITED, founded by Managing Director Marinella Fortino, has made it its business to think outside the box. The company combines the product diversity of the Asian market with German quality standards and stands for the transformation and change of the international trade of the future. After six years of business from the headquarters in Yiwu (China), IMEX UNITED opened its German site in Baden-Baden in November 2020. IMEX UNITED is an internationally positioned company with service consulting and processing for product trade. The focus is on international trade and market relations in Europe and Asia. The company thinks and acts in today’s world to provide the optimal solution for the individual needs of tomorrow’s customers.


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